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Tayif organization

Tayif is an independent, non-profit, humanitarian organization that works on developing society and provideing it with its basic services. In addition, it ensures securing the necessary needs in all sectors and administrative institutions to create a social environment that is capable of improving the social, economic, and service situation among all the society members.

Based on the humanitarian action principles, Tayif directs health, agricultural, service, educational projects, and rehabilitation of institutions and individuals in Deir Ez-zur’s governate to enhance excellence and provide assist through international and local humanitarian partnerships, capacity-building, and research to meet the needs of the in-need people after the occurrence of several humanitarian crises in the region.

After the war which was caused by the sand fly that initiated Leishmaniasis disease in Dier Ez-zur’s eastern countryside, and the spread of the Leishmaniasis greatly, Taiyf initiated voluntary action to eliminate the sand fly by spraying the insecticide (Dillett-5%) in several places including schools and garbage collection sites in the following villages: Al Bahra Village - Hajin City - Abu Al Khater Village - Abu Al Hassan Village - Al Kashmah Village - Al Shafa Village - Al BubadranVillage - Al Susah - Al Marashda - Al Baghouz. The volunteer work extended for six days, during which 63 schools and garbage collection places were sprayed by Dillett.

Tayif expressed its willingness to cooperate with any international or local party to contribute together and get rid of Leishmaniasis effects, and make the people of those areas happy again.

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