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Attaa Al-Furat

Attaa Alfurat is an independent non-governmental and not –profit organization that is concerned with the implementation of development and service projects that have positive, medium and long-term impacts. It is directed to serve Syrians with regard to the most affected areas according to an assessment and monitoring of needs.
We work with a spirit of cooperation, sincerity and full transparency based on our absolute belief in the freedom of human and his right to a dignified and fair life and because our community and whom we serve deserve all of the energies that we possess.
The organization was established in 2019 in Syria by a group of Syrian specialists who possess experience in field context and humanitarian work.

Dialogue Session on Self-Sufficiency and Independency

Human relations are very complicated and confusing. Some of them lift us up and build us while some of them demoralize us. Therefore, one of

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Orphan Child Education Center

Here the buds (children) flock to their educational center with a smile on their lips, aspiring for a fair reality and a bright future awaiting

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برنامج مساحات العمل المشتركة/ دعم/

برنامج مساحات العمل المشتركة/ دعم/ - الأسبوع السابع. ضمن برنامج مساحات العمل المشتركة/دعم/ نفذت منظمة ماري للتنمية في الأسبوع السابع من البرنامج، ورشة عمل و

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