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We Stand Firm Against the Tyranny such as Old-Trees Cypresses

“We Stand Firm Against the Tyranny such as Old-Trees Cypresses”
PEACE SHE-LEADERS NETWORK has planted a bunch of trees, in tribute to the martyrs of the repressive regimes, in Qamishli, Assyrian Syriac Martyrs roundabout.
And in conjunction with, many women around the world are striving for their legitimate rights, women in NES, from all corners of the society, are struggling persistently to regain their rights too.
Blessed who are women who are make life out of death.

You are our hope

Tara Development Organization launched an awareness campaign in Manbij's eastern district, targeting women in general and specifically breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, under the health

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With the beginning of the summer season, temperatures rise and the phenomenon of drought continues in the fields, which increases the possibility of fires occurring

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Monthly salaries - impoverished families

#Orphan_Family_Sponsorship_Campaign #Monthly_Salaries #Impoverished_Orphan_Families #Social_Solidarity In Hasakah, our organization maintains records of 1165 families consisting of young orphans who are native residents. Almost 363 of these

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