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An independent voluntary organization

An independent voluntary organization founded in 2012, dedicated to provide aid in accordance with the professional norms, as well as, we are well-known by the Autonomous administration as capacity-building and supporting rights.
We respect individual and collective rights and provide safe spaces, raise awareness, promote youths, and support the most vulnerable members through enhancing social solidarity and organizations.
we commit to a code of conduct embodied in our behavior and both internal and external dealings.

Sponsor orphan families

#Civil_Society_Youth #Impoverished_Orphan_Families #Monthly_Salaries #Social_Solidarity #Caring_for_Orphan_Families Contact us and inquire... Our mission is to connect you with them. Sponsor a family and make a difference. 2024/1/8

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World Braille Day

World Braille Day is celebrated on January 4th to highlight the importance of promoting the rights of visually impaired individuals, such as the blind and

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