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Three wall murals in Qamishli for raising awareness about 'Early Detection of Breast Cancer'.

Three Murals in Qamishli to Raise Awareness about "Early Detection of Breast Cancer"

A group of young artists in Qamishli launched an initiative to paint three murals with the aim of raising awareness about early detection of breast cancer, with the support of five local organizations.

The "Artist Team" for arts and culture has started identifying the locations for the three murals on the roads of Amuda and al-Kornish in the city, with the support of five local organizations: She-leaders Network, Shawishka Association, Rose Organization, Shar Organization, and NextUp Organization.

The organizers aim to reach out with awareness messages through these murals to women who may not be able to read, encouraging them to visit specialized centers and undergo early check-up.

Distribution of Eid hospitality food, second batch.

#Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Eid_Hospitality_Distribution #Second_Batch #Special_Needs_CategoryA_Quadriplegia Thursday 11 - 4 - 2024

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Eid hospitality food

#Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Eid_Hospitality_Distribution #Orphans #Special_Needs_CategoryA

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اليوم الثلاثون من رمضان المبارك

#Second_Batch #Orphan_Families #Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Syria_Hasakah #Cash #Zakat_Al-Mal (Charitable Donation) 30 Ramadan 1445 Tuesday 9/4/2024 #Supported_By_Generous_Donors Distribution of financial amounts to 27 families of young orphans. Brother...

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