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Monthly salaries - impoverished families


In Hasakah, our organization maintains records of 1165 families consisting of young orphans who are native residents. Almost 363 of these families are currently living below the poverty line. These families are distributed across 29 neighborhoods within the city.

We invite you to reach out and inquire about our work. Our mission is to connect individuals and organizations with these families, enabling them to make a positive impact on their lives.

Since the launch of our Orphan Family Sponsorship Campaign in 2015, we have been providing support to no less than 35 families each month. Our dedicated team ensures that these families receive a minimum monthly salary of $15 or more, an amount that fulfills the basic requirements for a family of five individuals.

By sponsoring a family, you make a significant difference in their lives. What may appear to be a small contribution to you holds immense value for them. Your support can bring hope and stability to these deserving families.
What may seem little to you means a lot to them.
Love. Brotherhood. Communication. Action.


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