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Civil society institutions platform in Northern and Eastern Syria.

It is an optional and voluntary assembly of civil society institutions in Northern and Eastern Syria. The platform works on coordinating and facilitating collective action with the aim of enhancing development, meeting humanitarian needs, encouraging respect for human rights in Syria, and defending the society's interests in North and East Syria.

The platform does not replace any local authority in Northern and Eastern Syria. Furthermore, it endeavors to be a partner and a valuable source for the international and local agencies and authorities for the benefit of civil society institutions in particular, and citizens in Northern and Eastern Syria in general.

Our Goals:
1- Coordination: The civil society platform in Northern and Eastern Syria represents is central point for the local and international organizations, as it facilitates regular organized meetings between the organizations' directors, as well as meetings for human resources, management teams, and advocacy teams.
2- Advocacy: The platform works to create the appropriate environment that enables the NGOs to defend the rights and needs of the Syrian people.
3- Capacity Building: The platform provides numerous services and advice, in addition to capacity building to support the NGOs and help them to activate development, meet humanitarian needs, and encourage human rights respect in Syria.


Wars are not devoid of secret side battles, in addition to their damage to people, the economy and life, as their harm to the environment

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You are our hope

Tara Development Organization launched an awareness campaign in Manbij's eastern district, targeting women in general and specifically breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, under the health

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With the beginning of the summer season, temperatures rise and the phenomenon of drought continues in the fields, which increases the possibility of fires occurring

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