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Tribal Reconciliation in Amouda

The Amouda Military Council Relations Office held a tribal reconciliation between cousins of the "Khatounia" clan in the village of Sanjak Khatun. The reconciliation was attended by the commander of Al-Jazeera Military Council, Hussein Salmo, and representatives of the Arab clans and the presidency of the Sanjak Saadoun town council, as well as representatives of political parties in the region.
A family dispute erupted between members of a family from the "Khatounia" clan in the town of "Sanjak Saadoun" in the countryside of Amouda.
At first, the sheikh of the Khatounia clan, Abu Musab, welcomed the attendees, and emphasized that everyone was trying to sow discord between the clans, yet with this reconciliation, we say to everyone that we are brothers. At the end of his speech, he thanked everyone who contributed to this reconciliation.
On the other hand, "Kamiran Hassan," a member of the Relations Office in the Amouda Military Council, confirmed that the SDF also fought the enemies, and at the same time they fought clan strife as well. He pointed out that the peoples of the region must unite to stand in the face of the Turkish enemy, which attacks the areas of Northeastern Syria every day to occupy new parts of them.
Information Center of the SDF


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