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The Self-Administration Issues a Statement regarding the Turkish Attacks on Kobani

Statement to the public:
"In a systematic escalation, in a series of the perpetuation of the war of extermination against our people, and in a remarkable development in the form of the war against our region, the Turkish state, with one of its drones, targeted a house in eastern Kobani, Martyr Biman neighborhood. What resulted in civilian martyrs and wounded, this escalation portends a dangerous phase of the war, and it is a new tactic to undermine the will of our peoples and their efforts to establish stability and develop the democratic experience after the elimination of ISIS.
While we in the Self-Administration of Northeast Syria offer our sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs and the speedy recovery of the wounded, we affirm that we are continuing our democratic struggle and our efforts to prevent the return of terrorism and preserve the stability of our regions. We also stress the need for the active forces in Syria, led by the international coalition and Russia, to express their clear positions regarding this escalation and this war. Otherwise, these parties' awareness of the situation of the Turkish development will be doubted in case their silence continues.
We also call on the international community and all international, human rights and humanitarian organizations to take action to prevent the continuation of this Turkish aggression and its targeting of our areas that defeated the terrorist organization ISIS.
The Self-Administration of Northeastern Syria.
Ain Issa, December 26, 2021


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