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A Decision to Separate the Agriculture Authority from the Economy in the Self-Administration

On Wednesday, the Self-Administration of Northeastern Syria announced the separation of agriculture from the Economy Authority. The Self-Administration said, "The General Council of the Self-Administration of Northeastern Syria held the legal session No. 44 today, Wednesday, in the presence of the Presidency of the General Council in the Self-Administration, the joint presidency of the Economic and Agriculture Authority in the Self-Administration, Amina Ossi, the co-chair of the Executive Council in the Self-Administration and the joint presidencies of legislative councils in autonomous and civil administrations. They added, "The session began with the approval of the decision to separate the agriculture and irrigation sector from the Economy Authority within an independent body in the Executive Council in the Self-Administration of Northeastern Syria. The separation came to improve agriculture in the region, as it is one of the pillars of the economy of Northeastern Syria, so that the Agriculture Authority will begin its tasks by forming committees specialized in agricultural affairs, farmers’ requirements and matters related to irrigation." They added, "The session ended with Mrs. Faryal Muhammad Hassan taking the oath and the audience voting on her appointment as a co-chair of the Interior Authority in Self-Administration of Northeastern Syria."


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