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She is a leader she is peace

Social contract is a set of rules and laws that regulate the relationship amongst people and between the people and authority representatives.
Peace she-leaders network held a session, in presence of women represent all components of the society, within “She is a leader She is peace” project in, Qamishli, the network headquarters.
The session subject has been prepared and presented by Ms. Draya, and touched on the importance of social contract for the societies particularly the multicultural societies thereof, besides the only solution to achieve a democratic society where justice and equality prevail is to adhere to the social contract.

Hasakah region

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Domestic violence

TARA Development Organization continues its initiative on domestic violence. The topics discussed in the dialogue session were as follows: 1. The concept of domestic violence

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#White_Hope organization, in cooperation with #Jiyan_Foundation_for_Human_Rights, implemented an awareness session on psychological trauma and red alerts.

White Hope, in cooperation with Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights implemented an awareness session on psychological trauma under the supervision of the trainer Giwana Barakat.

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