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Support and development of small projects for women in the city of Raqqa

The project to support and develop small projects for women in Raqqa aims to support women who own existing small projects by providing the necessary tools to develop their projects in a way that achieves economic empowerment for them and helps them to enhance livelihoods in addition to building capabilities in the field of business management by providing 3 focused training sessions on project management And financial management, marketing and time management, which will help them develop their projects in terms of knowledge by meeting the requirements of the local markets according to sound administrative rules.
The duration of the project is three months, ending on 3/20/2023

Hasakah region

#Civil_Society_Institutions_Platform_Northern_Eastern_Syria #Youth_Civil_Society_Organization #NGOs_operating_in_Hasakah #Civil_Society_Organizations_Coalition #Local_NGOs_Platform #Civil_Activists #Hand_in_hand_we_sow_hope #Resilience_Planting_Campaign #Environment #Social_Cohesion #Stop_using_water_as_a_weapon_against_people #Environmental_terrorism_is_a_war_crime #No_to_infrastructure_destruction Civil society organizations (CSOs) operating in Hasakah, in collaboration with the Agriculture

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Domestic violence

TARA Development Organization continues its initiative on domestic violence. The topics discussed in the dialogue session were as follows: 1. The concept of domestic violence

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#White_Hope organization, in cooperation with #Jiyan_Foundation_for_Human_Rights, implemented an awareness session on psychological trauma and red alerts.

White Hope, in cooperation with Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights implemented an awareness session on psychological trauma under the supervision of the trainer Giwana Barakat.

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