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155 Syrian organizations call for the protection of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and support the Autonomous Administration's initiative to receive them.

Syria/Lebanon: 155 Syrian organizations call for the protection of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and support the Autonomous Administration's initiative to receive them.

"The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in North and East Syria (CSO NES), the NGO platform in North and East Syria, and all international and local organizations call for the protection of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and support the Autonomous Administration's initiative to receive them."
The signatories to this statement call on the Lebanese authorities to immediately stop forcibly deporting Syrian refugees to their country, and call on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon to protect them and facilitate their passage to northeastern Syria
For quite some time, Syrian refugees in Lebanon have been subjected to many methods of repression through campaigns of continuous raids, arresting some and deporting them to Syria under the pretext of expiring the residence card or illegal entry into Lebanon, which exposes them to various types of risks, including arrest, torture, and even death or imprisonment. for long periods
It seems clear that these practices may continue and may include large numbers of refugees, which means that the danger will continue and steadily increase to be an integral and auxiliary part of the ongoing normalization attempts

The signatories to this statement express their concern about the forced deportation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, amid fears that they will be at risk of torture or persecution upon their return to Syria
International covenants and covenants prohibit the return of any refugee to a place where his life might be in danger, and the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria previously announced, in a speech delivered before the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, on October 25, 2021: “This is not the time for any to think No one believes that Syria is safe and that refugees can return to their homes, but there is an escalation in fighting and violence.”
After the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, many of its people sought refuge in Lebanon, and the Lebanese authorities currently estimate that there are more than two million refugees on its territory, while the number registered with the United Nations slightly exceeds the threshold of 800,000
Under the pretext of a decrease in the intensity of battles and conflict, the Lebanese state is exerting continuous and various pressures to deport refugees from its lands, but this does not mean - according to the organizations that signed the statement - that the return of refugees has become safe in light of crumbling infrastructure, difficult economic conditions, security prosecutions, arbitrary arrests and torture of detainees
The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has announced, in more than one statement to more than one official, about the refugees and the possibility of their relief and rescue from these practices, as was the words of the administration’s representatives on April 30, 2023, when they announced the administration’s readiness to receive the Syrian refugees who are being deported from Lebanon, in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and that its doors are open to all Syrians without discrimination
Based on this positive initiative and at a time when we appreciate this management position despite the difficulties of the situation and the complexities of circumstances
We - the organizations that signed this statement - support this national humanitarian initiative, and we call on the Lebanese authorities to immediately stop forcibly deporting Syrian refugees to Syria, and that these organizations support the Autonomous Administration's initiative to receive refugees, in order to ward off the fears posed by their return to the areas of the Syrian government for their lives
It also calls on UN authorities to take the necessary measures to protect Syrian refugees and guarantee their rights, including:
 Providing a safe passage to facilitate the return of Syrian refugees who are being deported from Lebanon and other Syrian neighboring countries, to the areas of northeastern Syria, where the authorities have declared their readiness to receive and shelter them
 Provide adequate support to camps and shelters for the internally displaced, including shelter, water, food, medicine, and basic services
 Reopening the Al-Yarubiyah/Tal Koçer border crossing to allow the entry of UN humanitarian aid into the north and northeastern regions of Syria

The signatory organizations, in alphabetical order:

1. Lights for development and construction
2. Al-Diyar Society
3. Better Tomorrow organization
4. Anwar algad
5. Al-Raja Organization for Relief and Development
6. Dmair motasela
7. Bridges of Peace Organization for Development
8. Nabd Team
9. Aezdhaar
10. Ella Organization for Development and Peacebuilding
11. Sama
12. FDO
13. Community Solidarity Organaization
14. Al-Ahd
15. Mary for culcher
16. Ebdaa Organization for Development
17. Tayif Humanitarian Organization
18. Ensaf for development
19. Inaash Organisation for Development
20. Dijla Organization for Development and Environment
21. Tara.organisation
22. Arak of East Organization
23. Syriac Cross Organization for Relief and Development
24. balsam center for health education
25. Nasmet Amal Organisation
26. Nawras development organization
27. zameen
28. Awda for Development
29. Radiance of hope
30. Vision
31. happy land
32. development without border
33. Al_Khaboor Association
34. Centredefanise
35. fariq snnae almustaqbal
36. Shawishka association for women
37. Scsd
38. Albaghooz Hope for Development
39. Sara organization to combat violence against
40. Roj kar for Relief and Development
41. PEACE she leaders net work
42. Lamsat alkhier for relief and development
43. Bezouq organization for development
44. eternity
45. Engineering for Services
46. Deirna Far Development
47. Friends Charity Association
48. Sahem Organisatie voor Samenwerking en Ontwikkeling
49. For Them Organisation
50. Areej organizations
51. Assyrian society for helping and development
52. Assyrian society for helping and development
53. Hevy for relief and development
54. Qadar Organization
55. dyaalaml‏
56. Sawaed Organization for Development
57. Basher ALkear
58. Okaz
59. Iwaa
60. Shurooq Development Organisation
61. DAN for Relief and Development
62. moltkaalnhren
63. Haneen Al-Furat Organization
64. Swaedna Organization for Relief and Development
65. Moltkaalnhren
66. Maakom for development and peac
67. Better life organization
68. FOR YOU organization
69. Faidh development organization
70. tree of Life
71. Iwaa organization
72. DARl
73. Enma aljazera
74. nawat
75. RFD
76. DOZ Organization ORGANIZATION
77. Azdhar organization
78. Enlil Center
79. jsor alamal
80. Slav organization for civil activities
81. Ym
83. نساء الامل
84. Nujin Society for Community Development
85. ForFeminist
86. Stability Support Centre
87. Youth for change
88. Zin development center
89. Manara Organization
90. Shaqiyqalkayr
91. Rahman Organization for Development
92. Better Hope for Al-Tabqa
93. Human rights organizations Afrin- syria
94. Bridges of love
95. Green Women Association
96. Kobani for Relief and Development
98. Center for Research and Protection of Women's rights in Syria
99. Emaar Almansura
100. Bedaya Organization
101. Edraak Organization for Development and Peace
102. Organization Arzo
103. Hope Makers Organization
104. Rescue and relief team
105. New Horizones
106. Allied for peace
108. Jiyan Charity Association
109. ARAS
110. human for construction and development
111. Adel center for human rights
112. Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization (ASO)
113. Al-Asil Association for Development
114. Colors for Development and Relief
115. Shilan association for relief and development
116. Restoration Hope Association
117. C.R.O
118. The civil Cooperation Team Organization
119. Jasmine Association
120. Amal
121. Al-Zajel Organization
122. Ebdaa organization for Development
123. Al-Raed Empowerment & Development &Education
124. Shams alghad organization
125. Sanad Humanitarian Organization
126. Peyam development organization
128. Ishtar Development Organization
130. Sêl Organization for Media and Development
131. Hajin Technicians Organization
132. Sanabel Al-Furat Organization
133. Noun Organization for Development and Women and Child Support
134. Action for Community Empowerment in Syria
135. Smart center / ZIRAK
136. Together for Deir Ezzor organization
137. oxygen shabab
138. Human Hope Team
139. Environment and Water Association
140. Green tress association
141. Foratna for development
142. HLD
143. Alfurat center
144. Totol foundation for Relief and Development
145. Dmair motasela
146. shaqayiqalkhayr
147. Mitan Center for the Revival of Civil Society
148. ASHNA for Development
149. Atyaf Development Association
150. Youth optimism
151. publish path
152. Anwar algad
153. Holm
154. AMAL for development
155. Payam

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