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Raqqa, al-Furat neighborhood, South of Tariq ibn Ziyad School

We held an awareness activity with an entertaining aspect for some children in al-Furat neighborhood, aiming to reinforce practical models of cooperation and teamwork among the children. The activity resulted in remarkable outcomes, manifested in beautiful artwork and crafts under the theme of "Train of Friends." It is worth noting that drawing and crafts create a positive and favorable impression on children.

Supporting orphan families.

#Civil_Society_Youth #Needy_Families_Orphans #Monthly_Salaries #Social_Solidarity #Supporting_Orphan_Families When their means are limited to a monthly salary within your capabilities, What may seem little to you means a

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Combating violence against women.

As part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, Tara Development Organization conducted a dialogue session with young girls to identify the types

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