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Report of December for al-Saraj Clinics

During the month of December 2023, al-Saraj Primary Healthcare Clinics in the rural area of the town of Darbasiyah demonstrated a strong commitment to providing high-quality services to the local community.

General Clinic: Recorded 816 visits, reflecting ongoing attention to individual health and meeting their needs.

Pediatric Clinic: Witnessed 955 visits, highlighting the clinic's role in providing specialized healthcare for children.

Cardiology Clinic: Provided 478 specialized medical services for cardiac care, contributing to public health.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic: Recorded 783 visits, reflecting dedication to comprehensive care for women.

Laboratory: Conducted 1001 tests, showcasing efforts in rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Emergency Services: Provided assistance in 1275 cases, highlighting effective response to accidents and emergencies.

Leishmaniasis: Treated 66 cases of this important disease, reflecting specialization in infectious disease control.

Radiology: Conducted 47 radiographic examinations, demonstrating the vital role of diagnostic imaging within the clinics.

Referrals: Transferred 116 cases to ensure necessary care, highlighting effective coordination with other medical services.

Malnutrition: A case of malnutrition was present in the area during December.

Distribution of Eid hospitality food, second batch.

#Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Eid_Hospitality_Distribution #Second_Batch #Special_Needs_CategoryA_Quadriplegia Thursday 11 - 4 - 2024

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Eid hospitality food

#Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Eid_Hospitality_Distribution #Orphans #Special_Needs_CategoryA

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اليوم الثلاثون من رمضان المبارك

#Second_Batch #Orphan_Families #Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Syria_Hasakah #Cash #Zakat_Al-Mal (Charitable Donation) 30 Ramadan 1445 Tuesday 9/4/2024 #Supported_By_Generous_Donors Distribution of financial amounts to 27 families of young orphans. Brother...

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