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Domestic violence.

The team from the Tara Development Organization continues its ongoing initiative on domestic violence through consecutive awareness sessions in camps and shelters.

The sessions focus on the importance of reducing domestic violence and the future negative effects on families and the community as a whole. The aim is to demonstrate the concept of domestic violence and its damages to families and the community. Forms of domestic violence, its dimensions, and causes are explained, such as early marriage, economic and security issues in shelters and camps, and harassment issues.

Subsequently, the sessions discuss ways to mitigate violence through engaging in various activities together as a family and encouraging mutual discussion and containment by the head of the family. The increase in domestic violence in shelters and camps is attributed to the consecutive crises the region is facing.

Distribution of Eid hospitality food, second batch.

#Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Eid_Hospitality_Distribution #Second_Batch #Special_Needs_CategoryA_Quadriplegia Thursday 11 - 4 - 2024

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Eid hospitality food

#Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Eid_Hospitality_Distribution #Orphans #Special_Needs_CategoryA

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اليوم الثلاثون من رمضان المبارك

#Second_Batch #Orphan_Families #Campaign_From_Your_Goodness_Help_Others4 #Syria_Hasakah #Cash #Zakat_Al-Mal (Charitable Donation) 30 Ramadan 1445 Tuesday 9/4/2024 #Supported_By_Generous_Donors Distribution of financial amounts to 27 families of young orphans. Brother...

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