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Swaedna organization for Relief and development

Swaedna is a humanitarian, non-profit organization that does not belong to any political or religious group. It works in the service, educational, and relief fields in order to provide an advanced environment in which all elements of a healthy life and advanced society are realized to keep pace with the life developments.

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Awareness Initiative in Partnership with PDC Organization

Sawedna is a non-profit humanitarian organization that isn't affiliated with any political or religious faction, founded on the 6th of 2019. As a result of

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Crop Diversification Project

Field follow-up of the fields of the beneficiaries from the Crop Diversification project and the continuation of providing fertilizers and pesticides according to the set

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Diversifying Agricultural Crops in Al-Hajin Area

Swaedna organization announces the launch of the crop diversification project in the Hajin area. The project aims to support vegetable farmers in the region and

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