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Hope Smile

A non-profit humanitarian organization that works in the service, educational and agricultural fields and is not affiliated with any political or religious faction. It works in order to create a sound and advanced environment in which all the elements of a peaceful livelihood are achieved. In addition, the advancement of society in order to keep pace with life developments.

One of the Achievements of Hope Smile Organization in 2021...

Among the achievements of Hope Smile Organization in 2021 is Supporting Sesame Farmers project, which targeted 2,625 dunums of agricultural land. Areas targeted by the

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Developing the Skills of Mobile Store Owners Through Providing Software Computer Maintenance Trainings

Among the achievements of Basmat Amal Al-Furat Organization in 2021 is “Developing the Skills of Mobile Store Owners Through Providing Softwire Computer Maintenance Trainings”, phase

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Developing Women’s Tailoring Skills

Empowering women is a critical issue that must be given attention. Moreover, awareness among women regarding empowerment in its various forms should be increased, given

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