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Report for April 2024

Report on al-Saraj Primary Healthcare Clinics for April 2024:

1. General Clinic: 400
2. Pediatric Clinic: 773
3. Cardiology Clinic: 417
4. Gynecology Clinic: 678
5. Laboratory: 405
6. Pharmacy: 0
7. Emergency Services: 927
8. Leishmaniasis Clinic: 14
9. Radiology: 92
10. Malnutrition: 0
11. Referrals: 86

Total number of clinics: 3195
Total number of center services: 3706


Wars are not devoid of secret side battles, in addition to their damage to people, the economy and life, as their harm to the environment

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You are our hope

Tara Development Organization launched an awareness campaign in Manbij's eastern district, targeting women in general and specifically breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, under the health

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With the beginning of the summer season, temperatures rise and the phenomenon of drought continues in the fields, which increases the possibility of fires occurring

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